Killing Monotony


Life is hectic – that’s one truth that needs acceptance. However, in spite of having so much on our plate, there are some who find themselves thinking of things to do when they are bored. There could be many to-dos to accomplish if you put your thoughts together. Yes, look around, and you’ll see some dust collecting on your favorite novel. Take a walk in the living room, and you’ll realize it’s time to rearrange the furniture to make it look airy and spacious. Or isn’t time for you to give in to that craving and bake a cheesecake that you’ve been trying to since last week? Before allowing boredom to seep in and turning you into one couch potato, there are things you can do to kill the monotony that seems to vacillate over your day or life.


To begin with, practice something when you find yourself getting bored. Think of what you always wanted to do in your spare time but just couldn’t because you were busy. Whether it’s your cooking skills that need honing or your math abilities that requires accuracy – a little practice daily can make you turn into an expert from a novice. Remember, a method may or may not make you perfect, but the happiness of getting good at a skill is fantastic.


Call a friend you haven’t talked to in years. It doesn’t matter what brought in the distance between you two. Brush that ego aside and dial the person’s number to break the ice. One of the many regrets that people have on their death beds is not reaching out to loved ones due to some silly skirmishes. Sure you don’t intend to be one of those in the future. Maybe being idle is a good thing as it helps you make amends with friends and acquaintances.


The other thing you can do is attend a hobby class. Skim through the newspaper or get in touch with a community center to see what is on their agenda. A local nursing home might have something interesting going on. Or a book club may be looking for volunteers for a book fair that they are hosting on the weekend.


So, there you have it! Honestly, thinking of stuff to do doesn’t necessarily cost money. All you have to do is, look hard around you and there will be umpteen things you can do to lead a happy and productive life.